A little natural ventilation

I have been passionate this weather lately, haven’t you? Around here the summers can stretch out for so long they think care about they will never end. It is consistently a nice, refreshing change of pace when the temps beginning to drop. For over a week now it has been getting down into the 50s at evening, and then only reaching the mid 69s during the hottest point of the afternoon. For these parts, mid 69s is as close to Wintertide as the two of us get, so I’ll take it! It has actually been almost more than five months since the last time I had the air conditioner shut off, and it was a nice change of pace. I opened up every window in the apartment for natural ventilation, so everything would stink a little fresher. A/C is necessary for living down here, however after a while your whole apartment starts to stink a little funny, and not because of the apartment however the things in it. The drapes, the carpets, the furniture, closets filled with ancient clothes, everything needs some natural ventilation and fresh air once in a while, then now is also a good time to change the air filter, and check out the major air ducts to see how dirty they are inside. You don’t need to clean out your HVAC duct every year, however I have found that once every five years is a good method for the long term health of your system, and your family! If the two of us get several or more than two mornings of natural ventilation in a row, that will be a godsend.


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