Dust buildup in the air ducts

Spring cleaning was not enough this year, and you have to understand that it isn’t just a cliche in my house, Spring cleaning is unquestionably real and unquestionably important; Before allergen season hits with full force, I care about to supply my entire lake apartment a deep and thorough cleaning, down to every last nook and cranny. This clears out the allergens, dist, and dander that have built up over the previous 12 months and gives myself and others a shot at a fresh start. This year it was not nearly enough, and I had to call for professional help… My air ducts in the Heating and Air Conditioning plan had never been cleaned before, and they were causing my flu symptoms to spike worse than ever. I noticed during my deep clean that there were a lot of dust bunnies around the air vents, so I took off the grate over the vent to look inside. The air duct beyond was liberally dusted with pet dander, hair, and dirty, so it was no wonder my flu symptoms were getting so bad! The air filter was changed every several months, however now I understand that an air filter would last a whole lot longer if the ducts were clean, as well. The local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation was offering a free inspection, so I took him up on the offer to see what all I needed, however aside from the air ducts needing a full cleaning, the tech said my central plan was in good shape all things considered, however he did suggest a tune up. I will make sure to watch the dust buildup in my air ducts more closely.


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