Part time help for Heating and Air Conditioning inventory

This town has developed a pretty major problem with homeless people since the last hurricane. It pushed a lot of the homeless community up north, and into our area. A few weeks ago I found a woman sleeping in the back of a single of our work vans. I didn’t call the cops, I woke him up and offered to put him to work. It wasn’t skilled labor, however if she wanted to receive a few bucks and a locale to sleep, then she would have to work for it! As it happened, I was due for an inventory on all the Heating and Air Conditioning component in our storage unit, so I had him help me with that. I talked to a few of our fellow contractors, and they all thought I was crazy, because I was giving this stranger access to a lot of extravagant Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I laughed at them, because what was the woman going to do, run off with an air handler? Even if our instincts were wrong and this woman ripped me off, she could only carry a couple of space heaters, or maybe a half dozen dehumidifiers, so it wasn’t a sizable gamble. To everyone’s surprise however me, the woman was a fantastic worker, and all of us cataloged and accounted for all the Heating and Air Conditioning component in less time then I had planned for. I really paid the woman a bonus for her work and wished him luck, since she wasn’t skilled in Heating and Air Conditioning work it’s not adore I could give him a full time task, however I hope she does well.


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