A problem with our air ducts

Usually the online advertising doesn’t get me. You think they try! Every single afternoon there is a barrage of customized ads coming at me on our social media feed, then every numerous posts from a woman are followed by an ad, which means 25% of everything you see posted is pure advertising, trying to separate you from your money; Like I said, I have gotten pretty nice at tuning out all the junk, however this local contractor posted a picture, and it got me to thinking. It was a side by side comparison of an air duct before and after it had been cleaned. I realized that I had never once had anyone look at our ductwork, not ever! Even when I had an Heating and Air Conditioning inspection the woman never got up into the vents and ducts, she just focused on the normal stuff. Two years ago our sister provided me a remote control drone with a camera on it, which I had never used, so I decided to send it deep into the ductwork and see what it was like. I tell you, I wish that I had not done that, because the level of grime and detritus in the air ducts was shocking, and made me assume a little sick. That honestly moment I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to book a deep scrub for our ventilation system, The woman on the phone said they were backed up, and it would take a couple of weeks, so I called another Heating and Air Conditioning dealer, and another, until I found the a single that could help me the next afternoon.

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