I haven’t used my heater in 3 months

You know what I love about being retired? Everything! There is a myth that old people never sleep in late, well maybe I am just not old enough yet because I rarely get up before 11 or 12.

I like to stay up late, drinking wine and smoking homegrown pot, sometimes watching movies, sometimes just looking up at the stars.

I am a traveler these days, I live in my RV, and go south during the winter, and up north during the summers. I can literally chase the seasons around the country as I please. Where I used to live was a planned community, and all the thousands of houses all used the same kind of heating system. I was required to purchase a certain kind of heating oil from a certain vendor, and it cost me thousands of dollars every year. That was the final straw, when I realized all that heating oil money could fund months worth of time on the open road. I said goodbye to the planned community and their outrageous heating costs, and drove an RV into the deep south, where people were still running their air conditioners. My RV has a completely serviceable climate control system in it, and although it isn’t very strong it doesn’t need to be. I always drive to a place with nice temperatures and low humidity, and will keep driving until I find one! It has been three months since I last used the heater in the RV, and while I do like to run the AC while I am driving, I very rarely need to use it.

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