Too much humidity in the air from the oven

My wife and I bought a new RV last month.

  • We sold our four bedroom house in the suburbs and traded the sticks and bricks for mobile RV living.

We have learned a lot in a short time. I quickly learned that we need a fence for the dogs, because every noise sends them running through the park. I also learned that the RV has to be level before you unhook it from the truck. Another important thing we learned was controlling the humidity levels. Humidity builds up very quickly inside a small enclosed space. The RV holds and traps moisture better than a wet sponge. My wife and I had to buy a dehumidifier to stop the problem. Every time we used the oven or the coffee maker, tiny beads of moisture appeared on the ceiling. I opened the windows and turned on a fan, but all of my friends suggested we buy a dehumidifier. I found a few machines online, but I decided to buy a small dehumidifier from Target. I found one on sale when I was shopping for toilet supplies. The dehumidifier is small, but it works well. We put the dehumidifier in the living room and we turn on the machine when we use the oven, microwave, deep fryer or the coffee maker. The small humidifier isn’t exactly quiet but it definitely gets rid of the excess moisture so we don’t have problems anymore. Now that we have the indoor temperature problems fixed, we can concentrate on other projects like adding shelves to the closet or resealing the roof.

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