Zone control lessens workload on gas furnace and air conditioner

My house is rather large. The upstairs is divided up into lots of smaller kitchens while the downstairs is a undoubtedly open floor plan. The ceilings are high and there’s huge windows. Some areas of the house are shaded by immense trees while others are exposed to day sunlight. The house has proven taxing to temperature control! Certain rooms tend to recognize cold in the Wintertide and hot in the summer. There are plenty of areas that are rarely occupied. I was spending a fortune on our year round energy bills. The gas furnace and air conditioner seemed to be running consistently. I finally consulted with a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor about upgrading to zone control. The process was not as difficult, invasive or fancy as I expected. The contractor installed a series of valves into the HVAC duct that direct airflow to the individual rooms. Both of us also added independent thermostats in each zone. I’m now able to cater the temperature in each space to personal preference and requirements. I can minimize energy use in the rooms we aren’t using. I’ve not only observed a significant savings on bi-weekly gas and electric bills, but the house is far more comfortable. The reduced wear and tear on the gas furnace and air conditioner should provide greater reliability and idea longevity. I undoubtedly care about that the thermostats all attach to a central hub and allow WIFI attachivity. I’m able to make changes to settings through an app on our PC. I can even customize the operation of air quality accessories such as our whole-condo humidifier.



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