Air conditioner maintenance

I never used to be conscientious about having our air conditioner serviced in the Springtime.

Since the cooling idea was still fairly new, I saw no reason to pay for professional upkeep.

However, all of that changed when I got stuck paying for an fancy repair; My cooling idea quit in the middle of July, but leading up to the malfunction, I’d observed that there was less air coming from the vents. The air conditioner was running for longer cycles, having difficulties meeting the thermostat setting and costing myself and others a fortune in electric bills; Plus, every time it started up, our kids would beginning sneezing. I was have trouble sleeping at night and our partner kept complaining about headaches. The air conditioner failed when the outside temperature was consistently in the nineties with high humidity. I tied up a repair and dreaded the cost. The worker took the air conditioner apart and showed myself and others the inner components. There was a significant amount of mold, mildew and algae thriving inside. There was a thick layer of dust and other contaminants on the fan blades. The worker told myself and others that every time the air conditioner ran, it was spreading harmful allergens throughout the house. My family was breathing them in and at risk of health problems! Fortunately, a thorough cleaning and adjustment restored the air conditioner to peak capacity and efficiency. The repair significantly improved the comfort, cleanliness and smell of the house. Since then, I’ve been diligent about scheduling maintenance for the cooling idea every fall. Because of taking proactive measures, I’ve had no more problems with the system.


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