There was a odor of mold in the air

When the Summer comes, I prepare for a lot of cloudy plus rainy days, plus the increase of humidity, but usually the humidity doesn’t get too bad, just bad enough to be discouraging, and well I believe this Summer was recognizably bad, because it was raining almost every morning, this caused the humidity to spike, however it still wasn’t affecting myself and others disadvantagely, so I didn’t do anything about it; It wasn’t until my beach home began to odor funny that I realized I might have an issue.

The odor in my beach home odors like mold, which is never a nice sign. When you live in the southern states, mold is consistently something to keep in mind, but mold is usually caused by high humidity. I read a little bit online to ensure that I was right plus to figure out what was causing the odor. Apparently it was coming from the heating plus a/c unit. I had virtually no knowledge on heating plus a/c devices, so I decided to call a heating plus a/c specialist to handle the issue. The Heating plus Air Conditioning worker told myself and others it would be best to completely wash out the air conditioner unit, which was nice with me. When he was cleaning out the cooling unit, it was discovered there was a lot of trapped moisture inside, plus that was where the odor was coming from, once all of the moisture was taken care of, the odor was gone within a morning. To help prevent something like this for next time, I will be using my dehumidifier.


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