I found out the oil furnace was truly old

Apparently the cooling unit was truly old, quoted to be around 20 or so

My spouse and I had been discussing replacing our heating and cooling system unit for quite some time now. Our new Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit is a central cooling system, and while it doesn’t do a terrible job of heating and cooling the home, our spouse and I would love to get a zoned Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, because of our weird needs for temperature. My spouse enjoys it to be super hot in the house, meanwhile I love cooler temperatures. We both have the currency and the time, and if it would stop the endless discussions of how both of us could compromise on the temperatures, after that I were both for it. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier was chosen and the date was settled, both of us chose this Thursday since both of us both had the day off. When Thursday rolled around and the heating and cooling system supplier was working on removing the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit, she told me and our spouse some surprising news. Apparently the cooling unit was truly old, quoted to be around 20 or so. I wasn’t sure on the age since I had obtained this lake lake house from the previous owners, and this cooling system unit came with it. The cooling system specialist continued by saying that it was a good plan to get it removed as it was likely to fail any day, and that by getting the zoned cooling system, both of us would see a large improvement in efficiency. This was good news for our spouse and I to hear, and it only made us more gleeful to have the modern zoned cooling system installed.

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