A fake HVAC worker tried to rob me in my home

Yesterday, I had one of the scariest experiences of our life; it all started when I started to run into complications with our air conditioner.

I would locate our hand in front of the air vent as well as there would not be particularly much air coming out of the vent, as the days passed it only got worse as well as less and less air flow would come out. It had gotten to a point where I knew I would need to call out a heating as well as air conditioning professional. It was not something I wanted to do, I couldn’t really afford another service even though I knew I needed to. I made the appointment for Monday; however, I got a knock on our door on Monday. It was a woman claiming to be an HVAC serviceman. I knew something was off about her; her uniform was dirty as well as she arrived on the wrong day. However, I made excuses for it as well as thought maybe she was dirty from the service task before mine, as well as the wrong day I thought maybe they had a cancellation as well so they came to myself and others early. I let her in as well as took her right over to where our heating as well as air conditioning method was as well as after that I left her alone; however, when I went back to check on her a few minutes later she was gone, then only moments later she jumped out at myself and others from behind our furniture with a knife as well as started running towards me. I ran to our neighbors house as well as called the police! The woman was caught as well as arrested as well as it was discovered that she didn’t even work for any heating or air conditioning company, as well as that she had been stalking me and others for a while. On Monday with our partner, myself and others were when the real HVAC serviceman came over to fix the air conditioner.

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