The whole home air purification always keeps my home clean

My house always looks like the aftermath of a tornado.

There are toys, food, clothes, and anything else you can imagine scattered all over the floor. I make an effort to keep it picked up but I can only do so much with four tornados in my house. They look different but the mess they make is the same, two of them walk upright on two legs, then there is the furry meowing tornado and the much louder furry barking tornado. My husband knows that when you have children and pets under one roof, you are going to have messes. If I can’t control all of the mess, I do like to control the indoor air quality. It may come to a surprise to some people but your indoor air quality can play a big role in your health. Also, your indoor air quality is often controlled by your HVAC system. This is why it is important to have your heating and a/c system serviced often. Making sure your air ducts are clean and that your HVAC system gets the tune-ups that it needs. I used to achieve good indoor air quality by having multiple standing air purifiers around but last year I purchased a whole home air purification system from the nearby heating and a/c company. I love it because it does an excellent job of keeping the house clean and it works perfectly with our HEPA filter. It also had the unintended effect of removing and cleaning cooking odors from the air. For someone that does a lot of cooking like I do, this is perfect.

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