The dry winter air was affecting my mom’s health

Mom was quite relieved that I agreed to her visit and stay with me for some time.

  • I knew she wouldn’t believe that I was okay the day she found out I was ill.

I was admitted to the hospital for a week then recovered at home for another two weeks. All this time, my mom was by my side, making sure I had everything I needed. I felt so lucky and made sure to thank her every day. It was winter, so we had the heating system running to keep the house warm. Mom wasn’t so used to harsh winters and was quite fascinated. However, two weeks into her stay, she began to experience some symptoms. It seemed something about the heating system was affecting her health. We called a doctor, who came and confirmed the issue was the dry air. We had to find a way to raise the humidity levels in the house to counter it. I was feeling much better, so I got a hold of the area AC repair company. I wanted someone to come to the house and help us figure out which was the best device to use. I explained the issue was dry air which was harming my mom. The AC technician came to my door a few hours later since there were other appointments before mine. He checked the heating unit I had then went ahead to show us some humidifiers to make the space comfortable. Thankfully, these were humidifiers that would work with the AC system. The AC technician installed it then showed mom and me how to work it so that we no longer had so much dry air in the house.

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