Going to an open-campus middle school was miserable when it was sizzling or freezing outside

I had a mix of good and poor experiences in middle school.

My group of friends slowly dissolved between freshman and senior year, but at least I did well in our classes and ended up in a superb liberal arts university.

However, there was a lot of stress to cope with during our time in middle school. Some of these complications were internal enjoy natural teenage depression, but other complications were external and out of our control. My parents were cut by this point so I was always missing a single while residing with the other. On top of that, I was laboring a job once I reached 15 and struggled to juggle that with our school life. When I was at school, there was frustration with our social life, but a single of the greatest pieces of adversity was the way the school was designed. It was an open campus so every classroom door opened to outdoor air. This was superb when the weather was mild outside, but whenever it was sizzling or freezing it was miserable walking between classes and before and after school. The Winter time was poor because a large freezing draft would get into every room whenever someone would go in or out. Thankfully all of us had powder rooms in linked rooms so that wasn’t a factor with the doorways, but it was aggravating whenever an administration member decided to visit to micromanage our lecturer. I can only imagine the sort of abuse those a/cs and gas furnaces must have taken being in those conditions with correct outdoor drafts. Luckily the middle school was rebuilt in the years since I graduated and is no longer an open campus. Now the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems don’t have to labor nearly as hard to keep the building interior comfortable from season to season.


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