Hiding my HVAC condenser unit with strategically planted bushes and shrubs

I’m starting to go crazy with landscaping my yard.

It started with planting a few flowers along the edge of my house, but it has evolved into a year-long project where I’ve burned through hundreds of dollars.

At least I can be proud of my beautiful yard every time I look out the window or step outside. There are cacti, succulents, fruit bushes, and all sorts of green foliage. I have been complimented by my neighbors on a number of occasions regarding how much they like the look of my yard from the street. When I purchased this house years ago, it wasn’t the nicest looking property in this neighborhood. The grass was too high, the paint on the house and the fence were chipping and fading, and there wasn’t any landscaping. There was a flower bed built around the house with bricks, but it was barren. It’s nice to know that I have created a nice house in this neighborhood with my hard work. I just recently finished hiding my ugly HVAC condenser unit with strategically planted bushes and shrubs. Since the landscaping store was having a sale on plants, I took full advantage and grabbed more than enough to wrap around the condenser without blocking the air flow needed to keep the fan moving without restricting it. It’s great to walk outside and forget that the air conditioner is there for a minute before seeing the metal hiding behind the shrubs. You have to be careful and not use too many plants, otherwise the condenser is going to face issues and could malfunction in the future.


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