New heating unit installed by a local HVAC tech

Growing up, when I became a teenager, our parents started building their dream home, they both had dreams and goals of how the result would be.

Basically, they had the same vision.

They were particularly excited about this project and so were we, and we helped wherever we could as they also needed our input in the design of the house. I remember we opted to have a fireplace which we would light up while in the winter and fall season rather than either burn s’mores or watch films as a family, my parents intended for this to be our main HVAC system. It was not until we moved into our new home at the start of winter that we realized that this was not satisfactory HVAC equipment for the entire home. The home would get particularly cold especially at night and to get warm we all had to sleep in the living room. Dad resolved to contact the heating company for a new dual fuel system which came equipped with an electric heat pump for the summers. This was the best equipment in the market, assured our heating supplier. The new heating equipment was installed by the local heating worker. The process took a few hours and the new equipment did significantly help with indoor comfort. We could know the heat even when in the study rooms on the first floor. The home repair experts illustrated how to operate the digital thermostat to set a warm temperature while conserving energy. They also discussed the importance of heat pump repair including frequently replacing the furnace filters and scheduling official gas furnace/heater tune-ups to enhance the official function of the gas furnace. The lesson of the day was that there are units specially designed to promote the comfort of the entire building.

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