The new heating system for the homeless shelter

Within the short years I have been alive, I have come to appreciate the blessings I have because there was also a time when I had nothing.

I have experienced homelessness for about three years.

I had lost my job and I watched as I lost everything else after including my house. Living on the streets, you suffer cold nights, hot days, thieves and even dangerous individuals. Life was kind to me as I met someone who saw me and offered me a job. Now a fully qualified heating dealer, I look for ways to give back to my community, especially the homeless people. Last winter, I donated a dual fuel system to the local homeless shelter. I donated the new heating unit at no extra charge. My home service business also contracted highly experienced heating technicians to handle the installation and any future furnace/heater tune-ups. The homeless shelter housed about two hundred men, women and children, yet all they had to keep them warm through the winter nights was an old fireplace. The furnace would help with the comfort of many families and individuals. We even illustrated how the digital thermostat functioned so the host would know how to regulate the temperatures even in summer as the unit also had an incorporated electric heat pump to cool down the summers. The city was responsible for any heat pump service including regularly replacing the furnace filter to improve the function of the unit. The city had employed a heating contractor that would check in with the community facilities to ensure the unit’s function optimally at all times. Now I could sleep better knowing my family who live at the homeless shelter are comfortable when they are at the centre.

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