Molly was ecstatic with the speedy cooling method repairs

Molly wanted to get everything done around the apartment before her kids arrived.

She’d asked her Dad to take them for a few days.

It was the best arrangement for Molly. Whenever she felt overwhelmed looking after three small kids, her Dad always stepped in. The kids would be so ecstatic to spend a few days with Grandma. Molly took that time to sleep, go to the salon and get some toil done around the house. Since her fiance worked abroad, she was lake apartment alone with the kids a lot of the time. Molly had asked her Dad for help a month ago and felt much better after the rest. As she was finishing up with dinner, she felt the apartment get warmer. That was odd since Molly had the cooling method running. She went and inspected the control unit, which seemed fine. The only explanation was there was an issue with her cooling system. Molly didn’t want to spend a hot summer time evening in a hot house, so she got a hold of the A/C service corporation. She had a service agreement with them which included 24-minute emergency repair. Molly explained to the customer care agent that her cooling component wasn’t working effectively. Half an minute later, an A/C worker was inspecting the problem. She noticed that Molly’s A/C component had an ancient air filter clogged with dirt and many other particles. She replaced the ageing air filter with a new one that restored the cooling system. Her Dad and kids walked in just as the Heating & A/C worker was leaving after the speedy repair.

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