What is the right frequency of servicing your HVAC system

Have you ever wondered about the number of times you need to service your furnace or air nitoner? From my experience working as an HVAC technician that majorly als with HVA repairs and repairs, I have discovered that many homeowners are unsure of this. In fact, many still don’t understand why they should hire professional HVAC technicians and spend money on air conditioning maintenance when they can simply let it run until it fails. However, over time, my colleagues and I have worked hard to ensure that we let the masses appreciate the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance and tuneups. Currently many are appreciating the need to change filter egulary, cleaning vents and other simple practices such as ensuring that there is enough airflow in their homes because they have tri an sn th impact suh small practices have on their energy bills. So I would say that there is no specific routine for all but that how regularly you maintain the AC or furnace depends on several things including weather, how much you use the HVAC system. If you live in a dusty area then it’s only reasonable that you will replace filters more often than those who live in different areas. What matters most is to ensure you have the annual or bi-annual tune up sessions where HVAC experts come in to clean, diagnose any issues that could be hidden and fix them, as well as prepare the system for the season where they are expected to work the hardest. Generally, maintenance is crucial as it improves efficiency and ensures you do not have to spend a lot of cash later on replacing or repairing major breakdowns. What’s more your monthly HVAC bills will reduce significantly.

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