Going through Wintertide heating bills for the first time can be depressingly daunting

I didn’t get too lost in misery when I was laid off from my office job. I was sick of being crammed into a drab gray cubicle everyday while being blinded by overhead fluorescent light. When I received my termination notice, I should have been scared or exasperated, but instead I felt a rush of relief. Thankfully my job hunt didn’t take nearly as long as I worried. However, the only catch was working at a 20% pay cut, but it was the best position I could find at first. The hardest section about this year came during Wintertide because I had just moved for this current job and I was living in the northern midwest for the first time ever. I am no stranger to using a furnace on and off for Wintertide heating, however I have never used one to the degree that I do nowadays. It is my Wintertide life-line, without my central heating system I would freeze to death at any point between November and late May. The discouraging reality with Wintertide heating is the cost. Even if you switch to more economical ways to heat your home, sifting through these bills every year can be a daunting job. I end up being stricter with my budgeting during these periods of time, which means less eating out, fewer boxes of beer, and limited online streaming funds. Since my heat is my lifeline during Autumn and Wintertide every year, I have to deal with cutting back my budget on nearly everything else if it’s necessary to stay sizzling and prevent my pipes from freezing.


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