I hope that my air conditioner gets installed before my wifey arrives from out of state

Back in college I tried and failed to maintain a long distance relationship with my school sweetheart.

We were both busy living our own lives and eventually she admitted to myself and others that she was seeing a different man.

I decided it was best to end things right then and then, while simultaneously telling myself that I would never suffer through a long distance relationship ever again. It was too much stress for such minimal pay off. However, I struggled to maintain active relationships locally during and after undergraduate school. Before long I was on dating apps widening my scope to other cities and states. After meeting my wifey and striking up a connection, we texted and talked through voice chat apps for weeks before I took a roadtrip to visit her in her home state. We had such a nice time that I invited her to come and stay with myself and others for a week. However, I hastily realized that I needed to make sure that my lake house is in order before she finally arrives. I’m frantic because the afternoon of my air conditioner replacement got moved back and now the heating and cooling professionals are planning on doing it the afternoon before her plane arrives. I called and spoke with the representative from the heating and cooling company and she assured myself and others that they would have the current air conditioner installed on the afternoon that it had just recently been rescheduled to. I will be entirely embarrassed if my wifey arrives and I don’t have a working air conditioner. I won’t have any excuses if I run into that situation.