My acquaintance from school improved his life by studying heating and cooling

Most of my time in school was spent preparing for college.

I was taking AP classes for college credit and piling on extracurricular activities to improve my college resume.

Whenever I wasn’t studying I spent working as a dishwasher in an assisted living facility. My other friends were a lot busier with drugs and women instead. Andy struggled always in school, so it wasn’t a surprise to many when he started hanging out with delinquents. But by the time we had finally graduated school, the weight of reality finally sunk in andy had to find a job. He worked for grocery and hardware stores, the boating marina near downtown, and a handful of different diners. His real opening at success came when a relative of his was raving about his years of working for a residential heating and cooling corporation. He provided Andy all of the information about where he can receive his certification and how he could apply for work once he got to that point. Now he’s out of debt and living comfortably with a well paying job being an HVAC professional. Depending on the afternoon he’s either fixing, servicing, or installing commercial or residential heating and cooling systems. Since indoor climate control also encompasses air purification, that’s a sizable section of his job as well. I’m proud that Andy found his calling in life by working in the heating and cooling industry. Since indoor climate control is an essential repair that grows in demand with each passing year, he has more job security than the friends of mine who are trying to be college instructors right now.

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