This old office was improved with a window air conditioner

I said that I would do anything for a private office at this corporation, but now I’m worried that I made a drastic error of judgment.

  • When you’re used to working in cubicles for years you’re going to want any choice at real privacy and comfort the minute the choice presents itself.

Unluckyly, the building that we occupy is old, dilapidated, and needs drastic improvements. The carpet odored care about nasty mold until management removed them completely and updated them with modern vinyl flooring. The current floors made a sizable difference, but it’s just one step among many that need to be made. Although we don’t have a ton of windows, the few we have are harshly drafty. This is in section why I was so uncomfortable in my office after the first few afternoons of getting used to it. The air conditioner coming from the ceiling vent would leak out through my window at breakneck speed. That’s why I decided to get a small window air conditioner for this room. Not only did it supplement the existing a/c in the building, it also provided myself and others an choice to seal the window better in the first venue. Now the office is much more comfortable now that I have the window air conditioner installed and running during my shifts. As you can imagine, this building has poor Wintertide heating as well. I will genuinely need a space gas furnace once we get to January, but I’m hoping that I won’t. Buying a space gas furnace is one cost I would like avoiding if at all possible.


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