I live in the subtropics and have to run an air conditioner through Autumn and winter

I have family up north that I like to visit in the summer time season.

My new home in the subtropics becomes unbearably hot and humid every summer time unless I have an air conditioner running continuously. When I arrive to visit our parents in June, they’re already complaining about the rising un-even temperatures. They don’t realize how simple they have it, although that comes at the price of dealing with intense Winter heating seasons. I suppose those un-even temperatures would guess hotter to myself and others if I lived in an area with cyclical swings, but instead I’m down here in the subtropics running our air conditioner in both Autumn and Winter on top of Springtime and summer. I almost never use indoor heat at our new home in the subtropics. It’s pressing to keep the equipment took care of on a rolling basis if you are using it as much as I use mine. You need to do more than simply replacing the air conditioner filter every more than three weeks, it’s pressing to have the whole air conditioner worked on regularly so it’s cleaned and toiling in optimal condition. You might also need more coolant for your air conditioner, which will be gave by your heating and cooling contractor. I have an Heating and A/C maintenance contract that covers these seasonal Heating and A/C repair visits. If there are any minimal repairs that need to be made, the Heating and A/C repair contract covers those as well. It’s smart to have a repair contract on an air conditioner when you live in a climate that forces you to use the equipment for most of the year. I can’t afford to neglect our air conditioner maintenance.

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