The neighbor’s roofing company damaged my HVAC condenser

My new next-door neighbor is busy remodelling the house he just purchased and moved into.

At first most of his work was confined to inside the house, but recently he has expanded the work to the yard and the home’s exterior.

The landscaping crew spent two weeks reshaping the yard, putting in plants, and even erecting a wooden fence. The noisiest part came when they used jackhammers to rip up the old driveway and walkway to the front porch to lay down new tiling and grout. Granted, all of this work looks nice, but the commotion, noise, and visual clutter everyday for the past few months is daunting. Things reached an apex when his roofing company started dropping wood off the roof and missing the dumpster that had been put in the yard below. At first the wood was simply getting into my yard, but the situation got considerably worse when his roofing company dropped a large slab of plywood directly onto my HVAC condenser. It severed one of my refrigerant lines and caused serious damage. My air conditioner shut down suddenly as I heard the crashing sound coming in from outside. I was absolutely livid about the damage and am insisting that my neighbor pays to get the damages fixed out of his own pocket. He hired a cheap roofing company and they didn’t do a very good job in the first place. Between that and nearly destroying my heating and cooling system condenser, I wouldn’t trust those people with the most menial tasks. My HVAC condenser wouldn’t need to be repaired if he had worked with a better roofing company in the first place.
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