Don’t ever fool yourself on trusting an uncertified HVAC technician with your furnace

I think it’s great when someone offers to help you with good intentions.

During the one time when my car broke down on the side of the road, I was extremely thankful for the kind gentleman who pulled over and offered me a ride to the closest interstate exit.

However, it’s easy to complicate a person’s existing problems if you aren’t particularly qualified to help in the first place. I tried to help my neighbor with a barbecue once without having any cooking skills, and things didn’t pan out well that evening. I ruined a batch of chicken wings and everyone had to eat hot dogs instead. At the same time, it was an informative and educational mistake, teaching me to always be aware of my limitations and the extent of my true skills. Not everyone has had the experiences to learn this humility, especially my cousin Gerry. He has tried and failed to fix air conditioners for two relatives now, both with horrid results. When he called me the other day asking if I was interested in HVAC service and maintenance, I told him that I already had a service contract with an existing heating and cooling company. There is no way I would ever trust my HVAC system in the hands of an uncertified and untrained technician, regardless of whether or not they’re a close relative or a random person off the street. You always get what you pay for when it comes to indoor climate control. Thankfully I have a good HVAC company that only sends out highly trained technicians to my house.

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