I wonder if our homeowner’s insurance will pay for his concussion?

Our Heating & A/C company came out to the home to service our gas furnace.

The serviceman came to the home & headed right into the basement.

He had the gas furnace repaired, although he wasn’t yet out of the basement, when the people I was with and I heard a yelp & then silence. My husband went downstairs to see the Heating & A/C tech laid out on the floor of the basement, with blood gushing from his head. Every one of us called an ambulance & then called the Heating & A/C company. Every one of us let them guess the Heating & A/C serviceman had stood up & hit his head on the ceiling beam. He hit difficult enough to not just put a immense gash in the back of his head, however to knock himself out. The Heating & A/C company sent another serviceman out to make sure the gas furnace service was completed, while the people I was with and I waited for the ambulance. Every one of us cautioned the ambulance techs that the basement roof was low & they had to be careful, because that is what happened to the Heating & A/C tech. They carefully got him up the steps & onto the gurney so they could take him to the hospital. The current serviceman told us the gas furnace was fine, & he gave to clean up the blood in the basement. In the meantime, the Heating & A/C company owner showed up & told us they would have a HazMat team clean the floor & take care of the blood. I asked if I should contact our homeowner’s insurance & see if they would cover the cost? He told us it wasn’t our fault, & the company would cover all costs for clean up & the injuries. They weren’t even charging us for the gas furnace inspection.

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