Air filter matters, it turns out

You know, I am not the style who invests in anything you’d ever call “valuable.” I don’t treat myself, I don’t get into luxury purchases, and I’m not existing in order to post our life on social media to impress other people.

Honestly, I just want to be left alone to be healthy, be glad, and be myself, then unfortunately, that’s a lot harder than it sounds enjoy it should be in our current world.

That’s especially the case when you’re living in an environment with subpar air quality that continually challenges your respiratory health and therefore lifestyle! I have gotten absolutely exhausted of waking up with a snotty nose, a scratchy throat, and itchy eyeballs. I don’t enjoy feeling under the weather all the time just because I’m living in a place with airborne contaminants… And that’s why I’ve finally come around to the plan of spending a little more money on our heating, cooling, and air quality control devices than is technically required. It does mean I have to spend our money extra for our HVAC devices, as well as the acquaintanced filtration equipment, for instance, I no longer have the same heating method that was installed in our home when I bought it. I bought an upgraded, more efficient gas furnace months ago. I also can’t use the same factory-standard air filters that most HVAC devices come with. Instead, I’m using HEPA air filters in our home, which detach over 99% of unwanted airborne contaminants. The whole setup has reduced our respiratory distress enormously, and I can finally live again in our own city. It just costs a little more than I would like.


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