When it rains, the roof leaks.

We live in a condominium. We bought the cabin about many years earlier, and lately both of us had been noticing that the roof to the garage was start to leak. Our air conditioner unit, gas furnace, and our space gas furnaces are all located in the garage. We talked to the homeowner’s association and asked about getting the garage roof repaired. We own everything inside the home. The homeowner’s association takes care of the outside including the landscaping, roofs, and siding. For many months, both of us had been asking about the roof on a weekly basis. It was soon going to be the wet season and both of us didn’t want to be stuck with a leaky and possibly destroyed roof. My hubby got into the garage and moved the space gas furnaces away from where the largest leak was, but both of us couldn’t transfer the gas furnace or air conditioner unit. We were pretty sure it wasn’t going to hurt the air conditioner unit if it got wet, but both of us weren’t so sure about the gas furnace. Our gas furnace was responsible for giving us tepid water as well as heat. If the pilot were to go out, both of us would not have water. Since our wet season happened when both of us needed the gas furnace, both of us would be in trouble if the pilot light went out. Since the homeowner’s association wasn’t helping with the roof, both of us called the HVAC corporation and asked if both of us would have any concern if the gas furnace got wet. We then called a roofer and had the roof repaired and sent the bill to the president of the homeowner’s association.

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