I never wanted to see another HVAC company again.

When all of us had our new HVAC plan installed, I thought it was never going to end.

What was supposed to take about many mornings, ended up being a 2-month long, in & out procession of continual HVAC dealers. They had to update our ductwork, the a/c unit, & the furnace. We had a new air purification plan installed, & a humidifier for the furnace. The last 2 only took a couple hours but the ductwork took quite a while. I was entirely uneasy with the mud that was all over my floors. No 1 took the time to put booties on over their shoes, & my carpeting was so dirty that I was sure I was going to need to have it updated by the time they were done. Normally I had no problem when the HVAC dealers came in, but there had to be at least twelve weird HVAC dealers coming in, throughout the week. I talked to the manager of the job, & she told myself and others they were all supplied with booties to protect the carpeting, but some of them forgot they had them. She apologized, but that didn’t make my carpeting any cleaner. By the time they were done, I didn’t want to see another HVAC tech for as long as I lived. I sent pictures of my carpeting & the mess they made in the house, to the owner of the HVAC dealer. She gave to pay to have the mess cleaned up & to do whatever it took to either clean or update the carpeting. This made myself and others believe a bit better, but it doesn’t mean I want to see a HVAC tech for any time soon.

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