I wonder if my homeowner’s insurance will pay for her concussion?

Our HVAC company came out to the house to repair our furnace.

The company came to the house & headed right into the basement.

She had the furnace repaired, even though she wasn’t yet out of the basement, when all of us heard a yelp & then silence. My partner went downstairs to see the HVAC tech laid out on the floor of the basement, with blood gushing from her head. We called an ambulance & then called the HVAC dealer. We let them believe the HVAC company had stood up & hit her head on the ceiling beam. She hit hard enough to not just put a big gash in the back of her head, but to knock himself out. The HVAC company sent another company out to make sure the furnace repair was completed, while all of us waited for the ambulance. We cautioned the ambulance techs that the basement roof was low & they had to be careful, because that is what happened to the HVAC tech. They carefully got him up the steps & onto the gurney so they could take him to the hospital. The new company told us the furnace was fine, & she gave to clean up the blood in the basement. In the meantime, the HVAC company owner showed up & told us they would have a HazMat team clean the floor & take care of the blood. I asked if I should contact my homeowner’s insurance & see if they would cover the cost? She told us it wasn’t our fault, & the company would cover all costs for clean up & the injuries. They weren’t even charging us for the furnace inspection.

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