The next time all of us have to call, all of us get a new HVAC system.

Over the last year, all of us had to have the HVAC company come to the house on many weird occasions, & this doesn’t count their coming to do the servicing.

I knew all of us had some concerns with both the furnace & the a/c.

The only thing that has saved us from going into debt with the repairs, has been the service & repair plan all of us purchased last year. Because of the service & repair plan, all of us have only needed to pay for the parts needed to repair the furnace & a/c unit. The last time all of us called, all of us knew it was the end of our service & repair plan agreement. It ran out 2 mornings after our last repair. I told my partner that the next time all of us called for any reason, all of us were going to get a new HVAC system. She wasn’t ecstatic with my uncompromising decision, even though she didn’t say no either. I wasn’t surprised when, 2 weeks later, our a/c unit quit working. My partner didn’t say a word, even though she handed myself and others my cellphone to make the phone call. Her only request was to be a area of the decision on which a/c & furnace all of us were going to be chosen. Her favorite saying was, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, & she didn’t miss the beat. She told myself and others that since all of us were going all in, she also wanted them to check the ductwork, & see if all of us couldn’t update the outdated metal ductwork with flex pipe. She was fatigued of hitting her head when she was in the basement.



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