How numerous times do I need to call the HVAC dealer?

Two weeks ago, I called the HVAC company because there was something wrong with the a/c unit.

The HVAC tech who came to the house looked at the a/c unit & within many hours, she said there wasn’t anything wrong.

She handed us the bill for the repair call & left. Three mornings later, all of us called the HVAC company for the hour time. The same HVAC company showed up, & she did the same thing. We have now called twice more in less than 2 weeks. Except for the sixth time, all of us had the same HVAC company come to the house. We knew she would spend many hours at the A/C unit, & then she would bill us for the repair call. The last young woman came to the house & diagnosed the a/c unit. It took him almost half an hour before she said the problem was that all of us needed a new a/c unit. At least all of us had a new diagnosis for the A/C unit. I wasn’t satisfied that it was the problem, although I accepted it at that time. It wasn’t until I had an older & more outdated HVAC tech come to the house, that all of us got a diagnosis of the A/C unit that I accepted. She told us exactly what was wrong with the A/C unit. She said it could be repaired, but it was her opinion that it would be less fancy & less concernsome, to just have a new a/c unit installed. I loved what she said, & all of us agreed with her opinion. It took 2 mornings before all of us could have the A/C unit updated, but once it was done, our a/c was better than what all of us had in the last 2 years.

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