I needed a space heater to dry my attic.

We didn’t realize we had a leak in our attic until it came through our living room ceiling.

I stored all of our Christmas things in the attic, and we had to dry everything out.

Once we got the roof repaired, we bought two space heaters, laid out all the Christmas boxes and turned on the space heaters. We had to dry the floor where the leak had affected our ceiling, and dry out all the things that were in the attic. We needed to look through everything that was stored up there to see how much of it had to be thrown away. We realized the leak had been there for quite some time. Not only had the water come through the ceiling, but it was going down the outside wall. I called our homeowner’s insurance company, suspecting we had mold inside the wall, since we saw some forming on the ceiling. The space heaters were still running, but I was thinking they weren’t doing good. As long as it was damp outside, the mold was going to continue to grow. We ended up needing to rip out the wall all the way down to the basement, and replace all the insulation and the will. The ceiling in the living room had to be taken down and redone. The insurance took care of all the expenses and even helped us to replace everything we had in the attic. They even paid us for the space heaters we had to buy so we could dry out the ceiling and the wall area.


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