He fell through the floor while inspecting the ductwork.

We had a professional ductwork inspector come into the house to do the inspection of our ductwork.

He was a HVAC technician who knew what he had to do to check every part of the ductwork.

He started in the basement and made his way up through the house and finished at the attic. It was so warm up there, that I was surprised he didn’t go there first. The sun shining on the roof, even though it was only 8 in the morning, was already causing solar heating in the attic. When the HVAC tech opened the attic door, he commented that we needed new insulation in the attic ceiling. We had already planned on putting new insulation in the attic, and we didn’t need him to tell us. As he headed for the last of the ductwork, all we heard was a quietly said, ‘Uh-oh’, and then a crash. My husband looked up at the ceiling where he heard the uh-oh, and moved back, just as the HVAC tech’s feet came through the ceiling and then his body. He landed with a thud, about five feet in front of us. We had told him that he had to stay on the beams, but he had lost his balance. I worried that he was hurt, but was laughing. He told us that hadn’t happened to him in a long time. Between the heat and the width of the beams, he couldn’t keep his balance. He said the ductwork was fine, but he was afraid he was going to need to call the HVAC company and have them send someone out to do the repairs on the ceiling.

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