A good birthday surprise

I have been wanting a ductless mini cut a/c for a while, but they are just too darn high-priced for our budget. My sibling knew our want, and he is someone who could afford it. So much to our surprise for our birthday he bought me a ductless mini cut a/c! I could not assume it! It was possibly the best gift I have ever got in our life. I have wanted a ductless mini cut a/c for our lake house office that I have where I do work after hours. I never thought I was going to be able to afford the ductless mini cut a/c. What I easily plan to do with the ductless mini cut a/c is to have it converted into a full blown heating and a/c by the local heat and air conditioner company. That I could afford as long as I had the ductless mini cut a/c. Which now I do have. The ductless mini cut a/c is going to be a good addition to our lake house office and it is going to help me a lot since I do not have good air vents in there and it is constantly too hot and too cold. The ductless mini cut a/c is literally the answer to all of our complications. I will be calling the local heating and a/c company on Monday to have them send out a certified heat and air conditioner specialist to check things out and get this ductless mini cut a/c converted, every one of us will see how it goes.

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