A late evening

I ended up having to work late at the office the other evening.

I had so much paperwork I was backed up on, that I decided to put in the extra hours since it was gave to me.

While I was working late until around 8pm at the office, I was in the best indoor comfort, our company just installed a brand new commercial heating and a/c into the building. And I was able to prefer it in the comfort of our office with no a single bothering me while I did our work! I easily enjoyed working with the central a/c on from the new commercial heating and a/c. It had been quite hot outside and to assume this is a big relief. During the official work day the central a/c is not as powerful because there are people coming in and out of the building, so it does not have the time to get the air flow going as it should. But with only me and security people in the building this time of the evening after hours, I got the full experience of this brand new and totally current commercial heating and a/c unit! The a/c also gave off the best air quality a single could imagine in a commercial building. They have the top quality industrial HEPA air filters from what I understand. I may work late again a single evening next week if I have to, just to prefer this charming a/c that they put a lot of investment into. Many people hate working late love this, but for me, this was heaven!


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