They almost turned me down

I nearly was up the creek when I went to the bank the other month to try to get a loan.

I needed the loan to get a brand new, current and pretty lavish central heating and a/c.

My outdated central heating and a/c had little to no life left and it was just a matter of time before the central heating and a/c broke down for good. So I needed to get the new Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit into our lake house as soon as possible. The bank was initially not going to supply me the loan because of the amount and because I did not have much collateral other than our house! It took me multiple weeks of going through different channels and managers at the bank before I was finally able to work something out to get our central heating and a/c loan that I needed. Because of the hot summer time weather the two of us have here, it played a big area in getting approved for the loan because of what I needed and what it meant in terms of survival. I had the income level to be approved, so that was what actually helped me in the end get the loan to get the brand new, current and pretty high-priced central heating and a/c that I was going for from the local heat and air conditioner company. They are coming next week to easily instal the brand new and current central heating and a/c that I had bought.

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