Working out the details

I’m planning on getting radiant radiant floors installed into our home.

In order to get the radiant radiant floors, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done since I am going to have modern stone floors put in prior to the radiant radiant floors.

I have to hire another company to do the tiles and kneel them in a certain way so that the heating and a/c specialists can kneel the radiant radiant floors with ease. All together this is going to be a project and a half. The project is going to take at least 2 months to complete from start to finish. If I had already had stone floors, this would have been quicker. But I have to get rid of all our carpets and then tear up the wood floors to make way for the radiant radiant floors. Then it is going to take a few weeks for the heating and a/c company to put in the radiant radiant floors since it is going to be throughout the entire house. I will have to stay with a buddy or family member while the radiant radiant floors are being put in. When I get our radiant radiant floors I will be a single cheerful camper, because radiant radiant floors will help me save money on our electric bills and also radiant radiant floors will keep me nice and hot while in the frigid winters separate from the dry air from central heating like I used to have. It will all be fantastic in the end as soon as I can get all of this going.


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