Some things never change

I have to say how impressed I am at our old high college from back when, then this week, our own adolescents go to the same high college I did, then and after all of these years they still are right on top of the heating and a/c in there! The a single thing that made this high college special back in the afternoon was the fact that they always had quality heating and a/c.

While other colleges in that era were lacking in the heating and a/c side of things, this high college did not.

They always had the most modern and most expensive methods of commercial heating and a/c. While other colleges had the old industrial oil gas furnaces for heating and monster window a/c units for their a/c, however both lacked what was needed for the best indoor comfort in the college buildings. At that time, commercial heating and a/c was unheard of in colleges. But again, our high college went above and beyond to supply that commercial heating and a/c to us. And to this afternoon, they have the best commercial heating and a/c on the market! I am absolutely impressed by this and so are our adolescents. It is fantastic to believe that our adolescents are going to high college in the same exact indoor comfort I got to experience back in the afternoon, if not maybe better due to Heating as well as A/C technology advancing after all of these years; Praise heating and a/c as well as everything that goes with Heating as well as A/C technology!

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