Yesterday’s technology today

I have to say that I am quite grateful for yesterday’s HVAC technology.

  • I know that may sound strange, but you see, when my central heating and air conditioning system went out last month it was right in the middle of a big heat wave.

And in the middle of the heat wave for you to not have air conditioning is very dangerous! I called the local heating and air conditioning company, and then I asked if they had anyone available to come out right then and there. I was willing to pay for the emergency HVAC call. However they had no one. I had to wait until the next day! I was in real trouble. So I was thinking I was going to be stuck having to go spend hundreds on a hotel for the night…until I remembered that I still had my window air conditioning unit from years ago in my garage. I went out to the garage and hauled it out. I then installed it into my living room window as if it was back in the day and got some pretty quality air conditioning pumping into my living room. It saved the day and I was able to live in the house the rest of the day and night. I just had to stay in the living room to sleep, eat, etc. It was kind of nostalgic to tell you the truth. My wife even thought so. It brought us back to our childhood and how heat waves were when we were growing up. It was kind of nice!