I hate it when they are late

One thing I can not stand and that really bugs me is when I make an HVAC appointment with my local heating and air conditioning company for a certain time.

And then when that time comes, the certified heat and a/c specialist that is supposed to perform whatever heating and cooling work I need done is late! Especially when they are more than a half hour late! It really jacks up my day and messes things up.

I can understand if they are late due to some circumstance like their heat and a/c truck breaking down on the road or some other traffic or vehicle issue. But when they are late simply because they did not pay attention to their schedule or some other heat and a/c appointment ran overtime, I get mad. Because they should not have grabbed the heat and a/c appointment if they were not sure if they would make it on time or not. This is one reason why I prefer to call independent heating and air conditioning specialists over a local heat and cooling company. Independent heating and air conditioning contractors seem to be more on the ball than the local heat and air conditioning company because they are their own bosses. They are not having to work with employee HVAC specialists. I have never had an issue with independent heating and air conditioning contractors. But noy oh boy have I with local heating and cooling companies. That is why today I use nothing but this one independent heating and air conditioning contractor who is the best!

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