There was so much water leaking from the A/C component in the house

The whole afternoon at work, I just longed to go home and get into bed. I didn’t recognize well and knew I was coming down with a cold. Though the chilly weather was gone, Spring was a tough time for me. The weather was getting warmer, but that was the exact recipe for disaster. I felt the tell-tale signs of a chilly coming on and kept sneezing at the office. Eventually, my boss came to talk to me, despite the fact that I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. She simply smiled at me and told me to go home. When I got home, there was no opportunity of sleep because the floor was covered with water. I’d left the A/C component working as regular and watched it come on, and water poured forth with such force. I imagined there must be a blockage somewhere in the A/C for that to happen. The first thing I did was switch off the A/C component then get some towels to soak up the water before it spread to the carpets. Next, I contacted the HVAC professional business that was about a mile away. This was an emergency, so they sent over an HVAC worker to assess and service the fault. It turns out there was a drastic blockage in the drainage pipe. The HVAC worker had to remove all the algae before he could reassemble the A/C unit. The process didn’t take long, and during that time, I was tied up cleaning all the water on the floor. The A/C worker was kind enough to help when he realized I wasn’t feeling well. He left after confirming there was no more water leaking from the unit.

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