Darren took his portable A/C component with him to school

Graduation afternoon was such a sizable deal for Darren.

He had to admit he was happy school was over.

But he would also miss his friends, darren had grown up in another country and only moved back when he was 8 years old. At first, it wasn’t easy for him to fit in since he was so small. But then puberty hit, and his dad’s genes kicked in. Darren grew quite tall and masculine. In addition, he began to join his dad and sibling, who appreciated to train together in their home gym. Darren was no longer weird-looking and even went out on a few dates. However, he always listened to his mom and treated all the women with respect. He graduated with a superb score and had early admission to one of the best schools. Darren spent that Summer learning about school life, and finally, in fall, he packed his things to head to school. His dad had rented an RV, and the whole family was coming along for the ride. Among the things Darren packed was his trusty portable A/C unit. He appreciated the cooling and heating method that he’d owned for a couple of years. His dad bought a portable HVAC for him after they went camping one evening and got so cold. Darren swore never to go camping again unless he had a portable A/C component he could bring with him. He didn’t care if the section was in the middle of nowhere. His dad managed to get Darren a portable battery-powered cooling system that he never left behind. He knew it would also come in handy when he got to school.



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