My friend complained the cooling program wasn’t laboring officially

My friend and I have known each other since both of us were in elementary university… The people I was with and I met on the first day of university though both of us only lived a few miles from each other, our friendship made it easier for our parents to bond, and even later, her sister married my older sibling.

The people I was with and I went through all classes together right up until both of us graduated high university.

Our friendship managed to survive adolescence and boys. The people I was with and I graduated at the top of the class and got into different universities. That was the first time both of us were going in different instruction in a long time. The people I was with and I both graduated university with honors and landed tasks in different cities however made it a point never to lose touch. The people I was with and I were siblings and not only best friends, and last summer, my best friend had a month off work and decided to surprise me with an impromptu visit, she knew where I kept the extra key and let herself into my house. Only later did she call me to complain that the cooling program in my beach house wasn’t laboring officially… I thought she was playing a prank on me since I had no clue she was at my house, and but she repeated that my house was hot since there wasn’t ample air blowing from the AC. I laughed it off only to find her waiting for me in my beach house with the portable A/C unit running. I was so blissful to see her and realized she was right about the faulty cooling system. I called the A/C service woman the following day, who came to check the cooling system, she noted the issue was a dirty air filter which I hadn’t changed in quite some time.