I never knew how much pets impact indoor air quality

My hubby came home the other day asking for us to talk.

He was sad after seeing a documentary about pets abandoned by their owners and ending up in shelters.

He asked if we could adopt one. We planned on waiting a little longer to start a family, but I knew a pet would be a wonderful addition to our home. So, the following day, we went to the pet shelter to learn more about the animals. As we talked with the caregivers, a puppy broke loose from the cage and came right to my hubby. It was love at first sight, and we knew we were taking him home with us. The caregivers assisted us with a list of things we’d need once we got home, like a dog crate, leash, bed, food, among other things. We passed by the supermarket on our way home. Another thing the caregivers informed us was to call the AC mechanic to our home as soon as we could. We were to change the air filter and, if possible, get an air purification system set up. Having a dog in the house was going to change the indoor air quality of our home. It was better to learn from the HVAC mechanic the simple process of changing an air filter every month. This would ensure the cooling system was working okay and not get clogged by the dander and fur. My hubby and I were so grateful for the excellent advice. On our drive home, I called the AC business near us to book an appointment. According to our slot, an AC mechanic would come to the house to inspect the air conditioner the next day.


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