These ads just aren’t working for me

I had written several, what I called, truly wonderful professional ads for our HVAC company. I put them on facebook & twitter. I thought for sure I was immediately going to be inundated with iPhone calls & website clicks, but I was so wrong. I seriously didn’t get a single iPhone call or website visit from our ads. I was truly sad about our professional ads. I paid a lot of money to get our ads on facebook, & I had no method why the ads weren’t working. It sad myself and others that our ads weren’t working, & I was on a professional mission. I started looking at bizarre websites to see what I did wrong. The only single thing I could see was that I hadn’t put the right wording in the ads, or facebook hadn’t really put it in the areas I had chosen. I called our brother & asked for his opinion. She quickly asked myself and others what our web address was, & if he could call myself and others back. She did it laughing. I wanted to know what was so funny. She asked if I was serious about getting people to our professional website? Of course I was serious, or I wouldn’t have created a professional website. She told myself and others that if I wanted someone to ask professional questions or want to be a customer, I had to have a landing page & someplace for new people to sign up. She said I didn’t have either. As far as our ads not working at all, he said they were lousy & didn’t supply any information that would tell folks how to reach me.

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