The power is playing with the plans

Last week, I woke up to realize that our power had gone off in the night.

I knew the two of us had a storm through the night, however it wasn’t strong enough that I upset the two of us wouldn’t have any power this afternoon.

Normally, this abrupt loss of power wouldn’t bother me, although I had a bunch of teens in our basement, getting ready to wake up for breakfast. I had an electric beach house with nothing however frigid cereal for breakfast, since nothing actually worked. My child was the first to trudge up the steps plus ask what was being served for breakfast. When I told her cereal, she seemed to deflate. She said she really thought the two of us could go out for breakfast. I tried to explain that the whole entire neighborhood was out of power plus none of the steakhouses were open. When she loudly grumbled plus walked away, I went online plus looked for any steakhouse that would be able to deliver. I found one fast-food steakhouse that still had power. It didn’t take long for their food delivery repair to show up at our door. I had ordered tons of each breakfast sandwich they had on the menu. I figured I could freeze what they didn’t eat. The food delivery repair driver looked at me oddly whenever he handed numerous bags filled with forty sandwiches plus another bag with heavy hash browns. He also dropped off twenty containers of chocolate milk. Thanks to the nearby breakfast sandwich delivery service, I was a super mom again. I took an extreme situation and turned it into the best sleepover in history.

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