Signing up with a personal trainer makes the difference

For years, I questioned my weight and struggled with body image.

  • I got a bit soft when I went through puberty and never slimmed back down.

I had no clue of how to effectively go about a weight loss plan. I tried following exercise videos but found it too convenient to be lazy. I also got frustrated with them. For a while, I made the effort to go for a run every evening. I got frustrated because I could only run a little ways before I got winded and had to a walk. It was embarrassing and discouraging. I also ended up with sore knees and feet. I considered joining group fitness classes at the local gym, but I was far too intimidated. Although I’d paid for a gym membership, I never went to the facility. I wasn’t confident in using the machines. I was sure I’d make an idiot of myself. However, while I was looking into the various options for group classes and trying to talk myself into signing up, I came across ads for personal trainers. The gym website included bios on the different personal trainers who work out of the facility. I was able to read about their specific training philosophies and decide who would be the ideal fit for me. I chose a guy, got in touch with him and arranged a time for a consultation. Once we sat down together, I felt totally comfortable with him. We went over my personal goals, my concerns and availability for scheduling and then arranged a time for our first training session. My personal trainer also suggested that I work with a nutritionist and make some positive changes to my diet. The first few workouts with the personal trainer were really challenging. I’ve never exercised so strenuously, sweated so much or felt that winded. But it led to success. I now look and feel better than I ever thought possible.


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