New neighborhood doesn’t have a gym

For several years, I lived in the city because I wasn’t prepared to buy a home.

I am not a city person by nature.

I wasn’t happy living right next to neighbors and hearing everything they said and did. I was uncomfortable that there were crimes happening within my area. I also don’t mingle well with friendly neighbors. When I was ready to buy my own home, I relocated further south into a smaller community. I now have a large house on a private and sizable piece of property. I don’t deal with neighbors. I am able to ride my bike to the grocery store and there is a nearby fresh produce stand. It is a small neighborhood and I am so happy here. I knew there would be some drawbacks to country life. There isn’t a huge selection of businesses. When I lived in the city, I had my pick of grocery stores. Now I only have one local store that does not carry much in the way of specialities such as seafood. I was accustomed to having access to all kinds of restaurants, coffee shops and bars open at any hour of the day or night. My new neighborhood offers two restaurants with limited hours and menu. There’s also one pizza joint. There isn’t an active nightlife. The biggest drawback is the lack of a fitness center. I had a huge gym within walking distance of my apartment in the city. I could head over for a group fitness class, take advantage of personal training or use one of all different types of machines. It was convenient having so many amenities. Now that I live in the country, I handle my workouts on my own. My neighborhood doesn’t even include a basic gym.



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